Having it all

In the eyes of many people who know me, I have it all. I am married to a wonderful man, I have two healthy daughters (ages 9 and 12), I have a great career in healthcare, and I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth (North Vancouver, Canada). This year I had many aha moments about my life – and one of these moments was that I was racing to ‘have it all’, waiting for tomorrow – “when X happens I will be so happy”, “when we get this done things will be great”. I was working 12 hour days, rushing in and out of my days, feeling exhausted, and simply – not living.  This blog will be about the journey I have started to start living for today, to becoming healthy, and to finding my purpose in life. Join me!


2 thoughts on “Having it all

  1. So amazing! You are going to help so many people with this. But most important to me, you’re going to help yourself. It will be a balm for your heart and your mind. XO


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