How I got to the place of needing to unruffle the ruffles.

This is my story and what has led me to start unruffleme. I won’t tell the long version here – bits and pieces will come out over time. In October of this year I experienced a major event – one that forced me to finally become vulnerable to all of the things in my life that were helping me be unhealthy. In the two years prior I had moved communities, left behind good friends, (and met some new ones!), started a new job as a director in a large health organization, and started my masters degree. I have two daughters and a household to run. My husband works shift work and is often not home or sleeping when I am up and about. These are all good things – first world problems – but added together, they finally led to disaster. I was participating in a two-week residency at the university to finish my last course and I crashed – went into a state of constant panic attack and deep depression. My mind was overloaded with information and my body could no longer handle the constant stress. I ended in hospital – admitted to the psych emergency. They psychiatrist said to me “are you surprised you are here?” – we both laughed. Likely the worst and best day of my life – this is where my new journey begins. The power of friendship became evident as a good friend drove an entire day to come and get me and stay with me (S) – several friends counselled me and held my hand by phone and text (SE, WB, LU, AJ). Over the course of the last three months I have been working hard to recover – I have let go of the high powered stressful job, I have started (trying!) meditating, and am doing some yoga, I am eating well and juicing.  I even learned to knit (thanks M!).  This journey is just beginning and what I know for sure is that today women are expected to play too many roles (and we expect this of ourselves).  We need, want, have to have it all – and look good doing it.  For me, I’m starting to unruffle the ruffles of stress and overload – let go of what does not enrich my life, and as I learn along the way I know there will be good days and bad. The friends have hung in there and are helping me along… so grateful.

As Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going”.


4 thoughts on “How I got to the place of needing to unruffle the ruffles.

  1. The mind is a physical part of our body (IMO) and needs time to recover from trauma, just like any other part. You are doing amazing and I love you to bits:) That’s my fave Winston Churchill quote, btw:)


  2. Interesting how tightly woven strength and vulnerability are… (I love Lencioni!) 🙂 But not nearly as much as I love you! So happy for your courage to face this journey!


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