Trying things on….

just breathe

When something so profound as having a nervous breakdown happens (and by that I mean my sympathetic nervous system was in overdrive and had taken over my whole body) everything in your life changes. I now have a new perspective on EVERYTHING. The biggest change is my attitude towards ‘things’ and commercialization. I have developed a deep aversion to anything commercial – marketing, ads, buying things – it just seems so frugal.  I used to enjoy shopping and focused on looking good, etc. I have started to regain some balance in this area and am enjoying some of the material things in life again, but am sure I will never make these things a priority again. People, experience, peace and joy are now my priorities.

So how am I going to make these things happen? I have started on a holistic journey. Here is a list of some things I am trying on (NOT all at once and in no particular order…):

  1. Regular appointments with a Psychiatrist
  2. Medications
  3. Working with a naturopathic doctor for natural remedies
  4. Spending time with my family without other distractions
  5. Listening rather than talking
  6. Meditation
  7. Yoga
  8. Juicing and vegetarian / vegan diet
  9. Knitting
  10. Vitamin therapies – Niacin Therapy
  11. Acupuncture
  12. and now about to embark on hypnotherapy for anxiety in depression

I will do a forum post on each and why I tried it on, how it worked for me, and what I learned.  I know I will struggle with the listening and not talking one, but working on it!

Talk soon,



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