Time Away… learning to be quiet

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted.  What have I been doing?  I’ve been learning to say no and to be quiet – two things very foreign to me. This even meant saying no to myself to writing a post just for the sake of a post.  I mentioned earlier that I am trying on meditation.  What have I learned about meditating?

  • it is not easy at first
  • it takes patience to continually learn to quiet your mind
  • you need to take the time to learn your own mediation style
  • a familiar and similar place each day to meditate is helpful
  • you need to make it a priority or you will not do it
  • on the days I do not meditate, even for five minutes, I have more anxiety and stress

Meditation, or my silent time, has become important to me – and I am far from perfect at it – it is the first thing to drop off of my to do list when the kids, the new dog (!), my husband, my friends, and my job need me.

I encourage you, if you have issues with anxiety, stress, or simply want to live a richer life to try mediation – here are some simple and great apps to get started:

Simply Being and Relax and Rest / Calm



A great infographic on the benefits of meditation from the Metaphysical Muse:


I would love to hear your comments and tips and tricks on meditation, or your ways of being silent / learning to be quiet.


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