The Power of Friendship – It Takes Practice

Friendship has always been the most important thing in my life – and my BFF (SE) knows how important she is – I tell her almost every day – I have realized in life that it is ok to say “I love you” to the people you love.  What has kept our friendship alive for 30+ years (wow!)?  Being unconditional, allowing each other to have our own lives, honesty, and most importantly, laughter.  She laughs at the same things I do – just like all of my other good friends. Funny cat photos? Yes please.

This article in Psychology Today (Practicing Friendship:  The joy of friendship is something we can achieve through practice) hits it the nail on the head – friendship is a practice, takes practice, and is not a passive relationship.  It takes work, but with this work, this practice, what you reap back is a thousand fold.

“Friendship is a form of love that is freely given and received, and as such it requires attention and practice.. Friendships, whatever their origins, require faithfulness and practice. At first we may not see friendship as part of the meditative life, but I would like to suggest that the practice of friendship is one of our most important contemplative exercises” (Arthur Zajonc, Psychology Today, 2010)

Friendship takes work – and it is the most important work in life.  I am fortunate to have so many people to count on as good friends who provide me love that is “freely given and received”.  Lucky me.

Read a great article on the practice of friendship here:

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