Coffee and Red Wine … not willing to let go

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I love coffee. Those who know me well know I love it DARK, and STRONG.  VERY STRONG.  Since going vegan the only thing which has been hard is giving up cows milk cream in my coffee – my dietician friend SH described it as needing the ‘mouth feel’ of the creaminess. I also love red wine – a lot – I drink one glass every evening. I know this is likely too much, but I love it and it is part of my ‘me time’.  I have been thinking of moving red wine only to weekends (would love to hear your comments about this below!!).

So, today I finally made the switch for good from cows cream to coconut cream in my coffee. Here is proof!  thanks EY for taking this shot!

Talk soon,



4 thoughts on “Coffee and Red Wine … not willing to let go

  1. I think there can be a difference between a compulsion and a fulfillment. When you experience an activity without guilt or regret that is fullfillment. Ask an Italian or French person about not having regular wine, I think you know what their answer would be, Cin Cin, Santé!


    • I agree – I need to get over my guilt about the red wine (although I do not seem to be able to cut that glass out each day) – I am trying to remember all of the great things I do for my body and pray they counteract the badness of the wine – I love this simple time for myself and I love the taste of a good pinot noir!


  2. Oh, I hear you, friend! My daughter is vegan and harrasses me about milk/cream in my coffee. I have started using coconut or almond milk, but it IS NOT THE SAME!

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    • you are right, it is not the same at all – I am still mourning the loss of my beloved cream – but I try to imagine the goodness of what I am putting in my body and it helps! (a little!!??)


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