Teleomeres – never heard of them but hope mine are long and grow longer!

I’ve noted a few times here that I have picked up the practice of meditation (ok, working on the practice of meditation!), and have also told you how hard it is!  But it is getting easier – sometimes it’s just sitting quietly focusing on some gentle music, sometimes it’s focusing on my breathing, and sometimes I use an app to guide me.  Each works at different times and I let my mood guide my choice. I picked up the recent TIME specialty issue called ‘Secrets of Living Longer’.  It is actually quite well done, the graphics are great, and everything is written in layman language.  A really good quote from the article titled Meditation Can Extend Your Life is “anywhere you put the mind you put the body“.  You are in charge of that process – you just need to know that and tap into being in control – easier said than done. A good book to help understanding that you are in control of your mind (which was a new concept to me this year – I have always been the victim of my own mind)  is ‘The Untethered Soul: a journey beyond yourself” by Micheal A. Singer. (I’m on my second read).

So what do teleomere’s have to do with this and what the heck are they??  “Over the course of a lifetime teleomeres burn down like a candle wick”.  In 1978 three amazing neurobiogists won the nobel prize for discovering and understanding how teleomeres work.  Stress reduction, like using meditation, is one the best ways to decrease teleomere reduction and actually can promote regrowth of your teleomeres.  Not to bore you – if you want to know more go here! (and give your teleomere’s a stress free hug today).

Talk soon,



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