Joy in not Waiting, and in no Expectations

I just got home from my 26th year grad reunion – and through it all I enjoyed the simple things. The smiles of old friends, hugs, and simple talk. I had no expectations – no fantasy of some crazy great weekend. And because of that, it was amazing!  It was also amazing because we were honoring the life of someone special – his motto was ‘Why Wait” – why wait to enjoy something, why wait for tomorrow, why wait to be happy. I have lived the waiting game most of my life (see my post with the Dr. Seuss Waiting Place). I even tried to enjoy my hangover the next day (not!).

I struggle in crowds – yes I seem like the ultimate extrovert but mostly this is because I get nervous about small talk and just start jabbering away (no issues public speaking here) I am trained to public speak in front of large difficult crowds. Normally I would have woken from an event like this full of anxiety – “did I say the wrong thing?”. “did I make a fool of myself”. This time I felt blissful to reconnect with old memories, friendly faces, and knowing that people have been living real lives just like me.  Allowing myself to not have expectations and to find joy in simplicity allowed me to truly enjoy this experience and not regret going the day after. What is the message – enjoy the simple things in your moments – big and small – you will be much happier and less stressed.

Lower your expectations of yourself and others, enjoy the simple things. You will be happier (at least I think so!).

Here I am with one of the sweetest, most inspirational people I know while we were figuring out the selfie stick at the reunion – SML – love you!

me and shannon


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