The U of Happiness – Choose Calmness over Chaos

I read an article in Mindfulness magazine today that happiness in life is shaped like a U, with with the 40s being the dip in the U – you start out oblivious to any bad in the world – happy and blissful with simple things – then life becomes more and more complicated as you move through teen and 20s and 30s – the stress of becoming you, of working, raising a young family – then as you emerge from this phase, the happiness rises again – you learn what is really important (sometimes the hard way) (The Shift – thanks Wayne Dyer).  I hope I am starting to move up the U as I move into my 45th year… and that is a hard number to say.

This weekend was stressful and chaotic for me, but with some of my new skills and way of being – I choose to be calm.  Thanks to the friends who reminded me of that this weekend.

Choose Calmness over Chaos
Choose Calmness over Chaos

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