rooting down – do what you love

Hello all – it’s been a while! Why??  I have been spending a lot of time in self-reflection – this has been the most dynamic and unpredictable year of my life. I finally learned to let go and trust the process. I have decided to shift my energy from working only in acute care medicine, into wellness coaching (not giving up my day job) – mindfulness, lifestyle, eating habits. I am working on my health coach certification now (done soon), and also registered to be a mindfulness-based stress reduction instructor – going to Colorado for a 5-day intensive tools program in May – and then to Boston (UMasss) in the fall. I started doing these courses for my own purpose and my own health, but I have realized I want to spread this amazing knowledge to work with others. Watch for RootStock Wellness soon!

You have permission to have an amazing life – I cannot wait to start this journey.  This blog will be attached and still the official blog for the wellness coaching. I believe my passion can become my career. Do What You LOVE!

I will be needing 3 clients to work with for FREE to finish my certification – contact me if you want to be one of my first clients!


do what you love


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