Learning – welcome to the CWCA

Hello all – it’s been a while. What have I been up to? Learning. And getting ready to Launch!

The quote ‘the journey is the destination’ resonates with me as I write this. The last several years have been the most incredible journey towards understanding and knowing there is no destination. Through self acceptance and finding ways to live in the moment I have discovered that the journey is incredible.

This journey is bringing me to a new path – a new adventure – a new way of expressing my joy, desires, and true passion.

In November I will be launching the ‘Canadian Wellness Coaching Academy’ (CWCA).

I have discovered that my true passion, which has always been in wellness (I saved money for weeks in the early 90’s to buy my first copy of Prescription for Nutrition by Bach!) lies in teaching others about the world of wellness and health through behaviour change.

The academy will be online with assistance from wellness coaches and the academy team. Learning modules are organized by video and written content, with a plethora of tools to download during each learning session (and customize to your own brand or coaching business).

I want to make this program accessible to everyone and have priced it in an approachable range and well below the price of the only other online programs out of the US. The price includes 5 months of weekly based learning sessions to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and tools you will need to start your own coaching business, life-time support from the academy as new information and tools are added, and a wellness coaching certificate to acknowledge you new skills.

Modules include:

  • Wellness Coaching 101
  • Mind – Body – Life – Coaching for Success
  • Wellness topics (including disease prevention, mindfulness, ways to eat, ways to move, dietary supplements)
  • The Business of Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaches are in demand, being hired to work with physician offices, health stores, in health care organizations, large corporations, insurance companies, sports teams, and of course, a huge demand for private coaching services.

Want to be a wellness coach? Join me on this incredible journey of learning. The CWCA launches November 2016!  Follow me here and on my website RootStockwellness.com for registration information.

Be well,









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